Friday, January 29

Forever My Little Boy

Before my eyes you´ve grown each day .

So much accomplished along the way

But it seems like just yesterday here in my arms

I held you and marveled at all of your charms.

Rocking you gently to sleep each night

So safe and warm, holding on so tight

Like a little angel you looked as you slept

Engrained in my heart the picture is kept.

Each new task you mastered was such a big thrill

As I recollect back, I remember them still I would make funny faces to get you to smile

And we´d laugh and we´d play for such a long while.

In no time at all you were toddling around In a world where new treasures all over abound

Such fun times we´d shared through those carefree years Cherished moments of smiles and laughter and tears.

There were balls and sandcastles, pet bugs and cars Planes, hideouts, tree-climbing, wishing on stars And each precious thing that you´d say and do

Was recorded forever in my heart to hold true.

We were dreaming up stories of make-believe lands.

Through all your endeavors I cheered by your side,

Through trials and triumphs my faith never died

And I realized my prayers had been answered above

For to my life, son, you have brought so much love.

Looking back there are so many times I stood proud

With wonderful memories my heart is endowed

Watching you grow has brought me such joy But forever you´ll be just my little boy.


ibu Airis on February 2, 2010 at 11:01 PM said... [Reply]

hehe..muke harith nie sebijik papa dia.jgn jeles ek liza..ekkeke.

hazliza on February 4, 2010 at 10:38 AM said... [Reply]

yeker aini...semua orang cakap macam tu..tapi mata ikut mata aku tau...hihihihihi...:D

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